The BECO of The Past


The Very Beginning...

Bloomfield Electric Company was founded in 1926, in Bloomfield CT, by Herbert Schremmer.

In 1975, his son Wayne and a partner assumed ownership, and continued to operate the company in Bloomfield until 1994.


But Two Employees Stood Out...

In 1980 Roger Baral joined Bloomfield Electric Company, Followed by Kevin Calhoun who would join Bloomfield Electric in 1982. 

Both would make their start as electrical apprentices, going on to achieve full electrical licensing, as well as Kevin achieving E-1 contractors licensing.

In 1993 Kevin and Roger would go on to start Trident Electric operating initially out of East Hartford Connecticut.


And It All Came Full Circle...

In July 1994, Kevin and Roger assumed ownership of Bloomfield Electric Company; both combining and eliminating the existence of Trident Electric.

In 1995 Bloomfield Electric Company was relocated to Cromwell, CT. This offered a more central location in a larger and more functional building.

This move was made to allow a growing company to better serve its customers.